Jewel Styles?

Answer Gemstones have value the world over, not only because of their rarity or coloration, but also because of the style of their cut. These cut styles vary between different gemstones, with shapes rangi... Read More »

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How to Jewel a Gun Bolt?

For those of us who like to add glitz to our cars, clothes and jewelry, add a little pizzazz to your gun by jewelling the gun bolt. This will not alter the gun's actions in any way, but it will mak... Read More »

Where is Jewel Cave located?

Jewel Cave is in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Jewel Cave is a National Monument of South Dakota and is just over 150 miles long. Tourists can find various types of crystals throughout the cave.... Read More »

When did Jewel Plummer Cobb die?

Pioneer cell biologist Jewel Plummer Cobb is alive and, although retired, continues to serve on the boards of a number of academic and scientific organizations, as of May 2010. Cobb was awarded a L... Read More »

Tips for Jewel Quest 3?

"Jewel Quest" is a popular Internet game in which you swap one jewel with another, changing their places, to align three jewels in a row and make those jewels disappear. In "Jewel Quest 3," you mus... Read More »