Question is surely a joke, right?

Answer Not to them. They are serious. ~While you might not agree with them they are entitled to their opinion. Freedom of Speech, Religion, etc.

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Surely its not a bad thing to go off the rails if eventually we find the right track ?

think mine have had leaves on the line , the wrong kind of snow or been undergoing maintenence for most of my life. : )never heard that before just's not bad.

Why would a television turn itself on Seriously. No Joke. No joke answers please.?

Several possibilities. One is timer. Some tv's have a timer that when enabled will turn your TV on at a set time/day. Another possibility is the use of another remote control. All current remot... Read More »

A man. . in a metal suit, surely not?

Surely this is a myth?

Of course its a myth. I don't believe in magic or alternative therapies, only in things that are science based. On the down side, it might be nice to believe in such things.