Jellybeans Gumdrops Or Licorice Which candy is your favorite?

Answer Hey, Scooter!My answer...None of the above, as I absolutely hate that texture.Good night! Hope you have an awesome weekend.

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Gumdrops Jellybeans Or Peanut Butter Cups Which from this list do u like better?

How is licorice candy made?

Confectioners make licorice candy with synthetic flavorings, anise oil or the extract from the root of the licorice plant. The manufacturing process combines flavorings, starches, preservatives and... Read More »

From where did licorice candy originate?

Licorice is originally from the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Licorice has been grown in Europe since the 16th century. While licorice still grown in southeastern Europe and southwestern Asia,... Read More »

Licorice whips are fun for kids and grandparents which flavor is your favorite?

How many flavors does licorice have LOLI know what you mean and I like the strawberry.