Jelly or ice cream?

Answer Ice Cream^_^

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How to Make Cream Cheese Jelly Roll Ups?

Cream Cheese Jelly Roll Ups are delicious! Read this article on How to Make Cream Cheese Jelly Roll Ups.

Jelly Doughnut Bagel with Jelly Or English Muffin with Jelly Which from this list do you like better?

They all sound so tempting, but I`ll go with the English Muffin. I always love your food questions, Night, Scooter!

Coffee Ice Cream Rocky Road Ice Cream Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Or Butter Pecan Ice Cream?

When did jelly belly begin making blueberry-flavored jelly beans?

Jelly Belly introduced blueberry-flavored jelly beans in 1981. The flavor was invented in honor of President Ronald Regan, who wanted to serve red, white and blue jelly beans at his inauguration pa... Read More »