Jelly Fish Sting, How long until it GOES AWAY!!?

Answer First STOP ITCHING!! My dad got stung by a jellyfish once and it lasted for 3 weeks. But it depends on the jellyfish and what kind it was. If the sting is still there on september 1st then try wear... Read More »

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I have a sunburn on my legs. How long will it be until the redness goes away?

a few days, maybe a week. apply aloe vera, it helps! best wishes

How long does Ready Brek last once it's been opened until it goes bad?

Seems like forever, I had some about 6 months after it's best before and it tasted the same.

Wasp sting swelling how do u get it away?

Get charcoal tablets or powdered charcoal and make a paste with it, apply it on the sting and put a band aid/plaster over the charcoal.

How much longer until the swelling goes down?

Hopefully it will go down soon, Sweetie.. and I hope you're right handed.Have a good day!