Jelly Fish Sting, How long until it GOES AWAY!!?

Answer First STOP ITCHING!! My dad got stung by a jellyfish once and it lasted for 3 weeks. But it depends on the jellyfish and what kind it was. If the sting is still there on september 1st then try wear... Read More »

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Are there jelly fish on the gulf coast of Alabama?

Different types of jellyfish such as sea nettles and moon jellies are living on the gulf coast of Alabama. Since the current, temperature and winds vary, however, it is difficult to predict the qua... Read More »

Jelly Doughnut Bagel with Jelly Or English Muffin with Jelly Which from this list do you like better?

They all sound so tempting, but I`ll go with the English Muffin. I always love your food questions, Night, Scooter!

Peanut butter and jelly or tuna fish sandwich What do you prefer?

Depends on my mood, but more often than not it'll be PB&J, because it's easier to prepare. Just slap some peanut butter on one side of some bread, some jelly on the other and there you go. No mix... Read More »

How long does a bee sting usually swell for..?

Please do not scratch it no matter how itchy it becomes. After removing the stinger carefully with a tweezer, put on some antiseptic cream on it. Try not to put too much pressure on it. It should e... Read More »