Jelly Bean Science Projects?

Answer Jelly beans are a type of candy that has a hard outer coating and a soft center. They come in flavors such as cherry, lemon and orange. Though we normally eat these sweet treats, we can also use th... Read More »

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Science Fair Projects With String Bean Seeds?

String bean seeds are inexpensive, easy to germinate, and grow quickly, which makes them ideal for use in science projects focusing on seed germination or sprout growth. Using string beans, also co... Read More »

Science Projects With the Parts of Pinto Bean Seeds?

Light or darkness, temperature, different types of soil and even how a soil has been compacted can all contribute to the way a pinto bean seed germinates and grows. To properly grow pinto bean seed... Read More »

Bean Plant Science Fair Projects Using Different Types of Soil?

There are many different ways to present a science fair project by growing beans with different types of soil. Use your creativity to think of simple combinations of soil types and soil components ... Read More »

Who invented the jelly bean?

Although the inventor of jelly beans remains unknown, the jelly bean center is related to a candy made in the Middle East called Turkish Delight. The shell around the gel center comes from a 17th c... Read More »