Jeep Code P0122?

Answer OBD II check engine codes warn drivers of many types of engine problems and are a standard system in all cars made after 1996. The Jeep code P0122 warns of an issue with the throttle sensor.

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How do I Clear a Jeep OBD Code?

On-board diagnostic (OBD) codes are cleared from a Jeep using an OBD scan tool connected to the vehicle's computer control system. The vehicle control system consists of a computer and various sen... Read More »

How to Get an OBD Code for a 1994 Jeep?

Obtaining an OBD (on-board diagnostics) code for a 1994 Jeep requires a diagnostic terminal or scanning tool capable of interfacing with the OBD1 style on-board computer installed on this model of ... Read More »

How Do I Clear the TPM Code on a Jeep Liberty?

The Jeep Liberty onboard computer has a tire pressure monitoring system that displays a low-tire-pressure warning on the instrument panel when it detects that the air pressure in one of the tires i... Read More »

How to Fix Trouble Code 51 on the 1997 Jeep?

A Code 51 reading on a 1997 Jeep Cherokee means that the vehicle's engine is running "lean," indicating that the mixture of air and fuel isn't in balance--in this instance, the air is supplied in a... Read More »