Jazzmaster Workout?

Answer The best jazz musicians play from their heart rather than a sheet of music. With the Jazzmaster Workout, you can learn both technique and improvisation and teach yourself to play jazz as though you... Read More »

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How to Set up a Workout Log?

We all know that incorporating some form of exercise into your daily routine will have a positive effect on your health. Specialists suggest that the average person get at least 60 minutes of moder... Read More »

How to Do a Fartlek Workout?

A fartlek course"Fartlek" is a Swedish term that translates to "speed play".[1]. It is a form of road or cross-country running best suited to advanced runners who seek to maintain peak condition an... Read More »

80s Workout Hairstyles?

Workout gear was extremely popular during the 1980s and was even worn as everyday clothing. Big teased-out hair was also en vogue in the '80s. Women needed to be creative when working out to keep t... Read More »

How to Do a Leg Workout Routine?

Leg muscles do a lot more than allowing us to walk, sit and stand. They support the back and some of the body's largest bones and joints. As we grow older, it is important to include leg strengthen... Read More »