Jaw gets hooked on some tendon or something when I try to open ?

Answer i have TMD, which is where the meniscus is dislocated in the jaw & you'll need surgery for that. most likely you have TMJ, which is just where your jaw gets locked or "stuck" for a few minutes & ye... Read More »

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How come i have some purple bruises or something anywhere on me when i never got hit or bumped into something?

If you haven't mentioned this to a Dr, I would suggest you do so. Bruises don't appear for no reason.

What happens when 230 volt is accidentally hooked up to a 115 volt dishwasher is it ruined or did i burn something up that can be replaced?

Ill be 17 and my bf be 19 when my son is due. If i put his name down on the birth certificate will he or still me gets all the rights or something?

Answer If you don't want to put the birth father down on the certificate you don't have too, but for the sake of your baby you should. You didn't mention if this young man and you were staying to... Read More »

I scanned my computer with avast! antivirus but when it gets something it says it can't repair it. Help ?

First thing first: avast protects you from infection, the one you would get if you follow the link. The infected links are caused by malicious settings, which can not be easily detected by antiviru... Read More »