JavaScript vs. C# difficulty-wise?

Answer Really, I would say it comes down to just a few questions. C# is a lot more complex than javascript, and you may need to be a certain type of person to do well. Programmers who do well pretty much ... Read More »

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A child who has difficulty repeating a song or following verbal directions may have a difficulty with?

Less than 2%, though 10% of patients with DiGeorge have TOF.

What happens insurance wise and point wise in Florida if you get two tickets in less than a year but the second ticket is for under 10 miles over the limit?

==Answer==Moving violations probably are equal as far as earning points. Your insurance will go up as the insurance company reviews your policy...often that is at renewal, or can be at random times... Read More »

Why am I having difficulty reading?

You must go to your doctor and if he/she cant help they will send you to the hospital for an out patient appointment

Difficulty printing due to pop-ups.?

Try cut and pasting them in Word/Wordpad or disable all the add ons in the browser.