JavaScript Operators?

Answer The most common operators used in JavaScript can be divided into six different categories: * Mathematical: Used to perform mathematical calculations. * Comparison: Used to compare two values,... Read More »

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How to Create JavaScript Conditional Operators?

Have you ever wanted to shorten a JavaScript "if" statement into one simple line? Read on and find out a neat way to shorten your short conditional statements (also called ternary statements).

What are tier 1 operators?

Tier 1 is the top tier... this would includes groups such as Delta Force, SEAL Team 6, 22nd SAS Regiment, etc.

What do PBX operators do at hotels?

Each day, hotels receive a number of incoming calls from guests for a number of different purposes. PBX (private branch exchange) operators are responsible for handling these calls in a professiona... Read More »

Financial Help for Owner Operators?

Over the road truck operator-owners are small businessmen just like anyone who runs a small store or service provider. Occasionally, money is scarce, which merits a need to seek financial assistanc... Read More »