JavaScript Operators?

Answer The most common operators used in JavaScript can be divided into six different categories: * Mathematical: Used to perform mathematical calculations. * Comparison: Used to compare two values,... Read More »

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How to Create JavaScript Conditional Operators?

Have you ever wanted to shorten a JavaScript "if" statement into one simple line? Read on and find out a neat way to shorten your short conditional statements (also called ternary statements).

What do PBX operators do at hotels?

Each day, hotels receive a number of incoming calls from guests for a number of different purposes. PBX (private branch exchange) operators are responsible for handling these calls in a professiona... Read More »

New Jersey Crane Operators Act?

The New Jersey Crane Operators Act, which was signed into law September 4, 2003 and took effect April 1, 2004, stipulates that operators of cranes in the state of New Jersey must possess a license ... Read More »

What are tier 1 operators?

Tier 1 is the top tier... this would includes groups such as Delta Force, SEAL Team 6, 22nd SAS Regiment, etc.