Java program wont run! 5 Stars!?

Answer Change: public void main(String[] args) {to public static void main(String[] args){Now, after the line that sets the background color, add this code: frame.setSize(500,500); frame.s... Read More »

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Java wont download or work?

Report this problem to the programming service to get things fixed.

How to Program in Java?

Tools all in place for programming: computer, carbs, caffeineTo program in Java (not JavaScript, an unrelated language), you need a compiler, a program to convert Java source code to bytecode. In t... Read More »

How to Program Games With Java?

Java is a multiplatform, object-oriented programming language created by Sun Microsystems. Creating games on Java can be a great deal simpler than creating games on languages such as C++ due to the... Read More »

How to change this java program?

First, let's clear something up first. You declared all variables double, but you use an integer input stream "keyboard.nextInt()". Even though it compiles fine, it's not good programming skills to... Read More »