Java NOT detected! Even though it IS installed.?

Answer Have you installed the java plugin for Opera? Scroll down to the java plug link. that doesn't fix it, I would discuss it in the Opera help forum.http://my.opera.... Read More »

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Why can't I open my encrypted documents even though I have CopySafe Reader installed?

Encrypting files is dangerous. Slight changes to settings on the machine can disrupt it, ANY change to user details can totally lose them. A different version of the encryption program ( even an up... Read More »

Can an insurance underwriter demand an upgrade to a wood-burning stove chimney even though it was installed 20 years ago according to local building code in effect at the time?

Answer Yes, or you may face a non renewal. Insurance companies can from time to time change what risks they will remain insuring and which they won't. If you don't comply with their new requireme... Read More »

The government seem determined to get us to use public transport, even though, even now its overstretched..?

The idea was that we'd stay at home and work on networked personal computers. Unfortunately, now that we've got the technology, we squander it on rubbish like Y!A instead.

Epson NX230, installed and wirelessly networked, but scanner not detected?…