Japanese-style lunches?

Answer Popular Japanese lunches include:Omuraisu (Rice in Omelette)…Yakimeshi (Japanese Style Fried Rice)…Oyako-don (C... Read More »

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Can anyone suggest a good name for a country style pub selling bar lunches and real ale.?

The Parsnip and Pumpkin.The Latch and Ratchet.The Goose in the Strawberries.The Donkey and Larch.The Uncrossed KeysThe Slightly-Off-White HorseThe Plantpot and DriftwoodAny help?

What is a Japanese style low bed?

Japanese style homes in America?

Couple of things.The Japanese homes I was in looked alot like North American homes, only everything was smaller. They maybe had one traditional room that looked like in the movies. Screens. Mats. L... Read More »

How to Make a Japanese Style Humba?

Humba is a Filipino food made from Adobo added with brown sugar. Basically this is adobo with sugar. But this recipe is a Japanese inspired variation of the recipe. This recipe was discovered last ... Read More »