Japanese or european brands for electric appliances why?

Answer three words, quality , price and design.

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What are the most popular Japanese clothing brands?

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The History of Electric Appliances?

Shortly after American entrepreneurs learned how to use electricity to power public works projects, their sights turned to the consumer market. The electric home appliances that became common in Am... Read More »

Why do electric appliances spontaneously turn on when I get near them?

Problem is most likely with the hair dryer, not with you. If the thing has a faulty plug, chuck it in the bin right away or get it repaired. Not safe.Possibly the faulty hair dryer generated some... Read More »

Who was the prolific inventor who invented 15 appliances for electric railways?

Granville T. Woods (1856-1910) was an African-American inventor who invented 15 appliances for electric railways. Over his lifetime, he patented more than 60 inventions. He was often referred to as... Read More »