Japanese Learning Tips?

Answer For English speakers, the Japanese language has two main challenges---the different writing style and the grammatical structure, which places the verb at the end of the sentence. The stronger your ... Read More »

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How to Start Learning Japanese?

Here's some guidelines on how to start a habit of studying Japanese as a second language.

Learning Tools for Teaching Children Japanese?

The differences between English and Japanese are vast: they use different alphabets, different methods of pronunciation, and different sentence and grammatical structures. Due to the dissimilaritie... Read More »

What Are Some Good Ways to Start Learning How to Write in Japanese?

Japanese is a complex language, and learning to write in Japanese can be particularly difficult for foreigners. The Dai-Kan-Wa Jiten (Great Han-Japanese Dictionary) reports that there are around 50... Read More »

Japanese Beauty Tips?

Japan is an area that places a great deal of importance on beauty, and Japanese women often incorporate beauty tips into their regular routines to look youthful, pretty and fresh. Some beauty techn... Read More »