Japanese Haircuts for Girls?

Answer Modern Japanese haircuts are a good option for a girl's cut. Japanese hair is naturally very straight and tends to be coarse in terms of texture and weighty. Japanese girls tend to wear their ha... Read More »

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Scene Haircuts & Emo Haircuts for Girls?

The scene and emo hair cuts are very similar but have a few main differences. Scene hair can be very shaggy and sleek or have lots of volume. It also seems to be a little more defined than the emo ... Read More »

What is the name of the Japanese pop or Japanese rap group with a very colorful and bright music video where girls in bikinis jump into a swimming pool in slow motion?

Answer Ketsumeishi is the name of the group, and the name of the song is "Natsu no Omoide." And the girls as well as the entire video is shot backwards in slow-motion.

Top Haircuts for Girls?

Popular hair styles for girls are plentiful; the trick is to figure out which haircut is best for each type of hair. Girls with straight hair will look better in some cuts than girls with curly hai... Read More »

Hot Haircuts for Girls?

Girls are definitely more into hairstyles than boys. For boys, a bowl cut or crew cut will usually do. However, most girls want a hairstyle that really shows off their personalities and style. Havi... Read More »