Japanese Classroom Games?

Answer When learning the Japanese language, teachers can find that games are helpful for students to understand culture, words, phrases or grammar structures. The types of games used in the Japanese langu... Read More »

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How to Teach Classroom Rules With Classroom Games?

Maintaining discipline in the classroom is the key to a healthy learning atmosphere. Laying down rules is easy, but motivating responsible behavior is tough. One of the best ways of encouraging stu... Read More »

Japanese Zodiac Classroom Activities?

Junishi, the Japanese zodiac, was adopted in the seventh century from the more familiar Chinese zodiac, which assigns a different animal to each year during a 12-year cycle. The animals, in order, ... Read More »

Japanese Love Games?

Japanese love games, sometimes called "eroge", are normally played on the PC, with a few available on portable gaming systems or DVD. The complexity can range from a simple game with little to no p... Read More »

Japanese Memory Games?

With two phonetic alphabets and one set of pictographic characters, Japanese can be a difficult language to learn. It's easy to get discouraged and you may end up quitting in frustration. Memory ga... Read More »