January Sales HD TVs, worth waiting?

Answer Nothing dramatic is expected in January. Just the steady drop of prices. Plus the pressure from the poor economy..

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When is best to hit the january sales now or in january?

in January.. o/wise, they're called the 'DECEMBER' sales!!! And it's futile trying to go to them in February!!!

Is the Canon SD1200 worth waiting for?

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Is the fx 8350 worth waiting for over the fx 8150?

Is this for gaming or multiple uses? In gaming, all the extra cores do diddly squat and you really top out the motherboard with an overclocked FX-4170. Check tests at Tom's Hardware site.There are ... Read More »

Which is more worth waiting for IPad 2 or IPod Touch 4?

You can download another web browser app (note browsers are rated 17+). These include Opera Mini, iChromy, Mercury and Terra just to include a few free ones.