Jandy Actuator Specs?

Answer Actuators are mechanical devices that change energy into motion, and are often used for the application of force, such as timed opening or closing of a valve. Actuators are activated by energy, usu... Read More »

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What do you with a surging pump with a Jandy valve leading to it if a screw was loose in the clear cover but tightening it did not make help?

Most likely you have a lid gasket that is not seated correctly. Or if the pump has run dry for a short period you may have loose fittings into and out of the pump. A third possibility is a bad pump... Read More »

What Is an Actuator?

Actuators are transducers or devices that convert one type of energy into another type. Actuators change the biological, physical and chemical parameters. They usually accept digital data from anot... Read More »

What is a hydraulic actuator?

A hydraulic actuator is a fluid motor or cylinder that transforms hydraulic power to mechanical power. It can create mechanical motion that is linear, oscillating or rotary. Hydraulic actuators hav... Read More »

How to Fix the Vacuum Actuator on a Jeep?

The vacuum actuator on the axle housing of your Jeep is responsible for locking the two-piece axle shaft together inside the axle when the Jeep is shifted into four-wheel drive. These actuators hav... Read More »