Jammed finger still hurts 4 months later?

Answer…maybe that will help

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Cut my foot on glass in a river and it still hurts hours later?

No, you're not going to die.It is unlikely that you would have felt the effects of any infection, in the way that you have, that soon after the incident. Infections normally take a lot longer to ta... Read More »

I injured my upper thigh and now a year later it still hurts. Should i get therapy or something?

i think so cause it sounds like if it still hurts a year later there might be something wrong hope you feel better Morgan bye

Ankle still hurts after six months?

It takes a long time for a torn or ripped tendon to heal, a non-steroid anti inflammatory drug like Ibuprofen may help. A Doctor can give you a Cortisone shot in the area to reduce the swelling qu... Read More »

Straight blow to forearm. still hurts really bad two days later... how can i tell if it is possibly broken?

You probably broke your arm. When I broke my arm I could move my fingers but I wished I hadn't. If its swollen and its cracking and in constant pain then get it checked. But you should be icing you... Read More »