Jailbreak for phone 3 g 3.1.2 how i do?

Answer yes the iphone is easy to use!

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Should I jailbreak me phone!?

It's amazing, but I wouldn't use it on your phone. Your phone is to precious. You should do it on an iPod or iPad, etc..

How do you jailbreak a i phone?

GO to Plug in your device to your computer with the cord, and jailbreak. Note: jailbreaking is not a good idea, because it can break your iPod in like a few days and it's illegal a... Read More »

How do you jailbreak a phone?

Not necessary unless you have an iphone because all the other phones have every thing you want.If you have an iphone go o and jailbreak it

Should I jailbreak my phone?

Why not? If the only thing bothering you is if you break it and need it fixed, get a good case like an otterbox.