Iz surfing the net nude so bad?

Answer Let's just put it this way, I feel no reason to get dressed just to surf the net. To go to work, yes, but not to do things in the privacy of my own home. "Naked" is how I get comfortable.

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What greek male celebrity's have posed nude or even semi nude and where can i find the pictures?

Search on web for Theo Theodoridis……Giannis Spaliaras…Sakis Rouvas

Would we get more vitamin D if we went out in the nude?

Not necessarily. Vitamin D production peaks out and decreases after about 20 minutes in the sun. The reason is that our ancestors used to run around in the nude all the time, and too much vitamin D... Read More »

How to Be a Nude Art Model?

Modeling nude for an artist or art class is much more complicated than it may seem. In addition to the obvious requirements of being able hold still and being willing to appear undressed in front o... Read More »

How to Perfect The Nude Lip?

Thanks to Angelina Jolie and high-fashion runways, Twiggy's nude lip is back in a big way. Though this look isn't for everyone, and should be avoided by those of us who are pale, it can be perfecte... Read More »