Ive worked in a restaurant for 20 years and game across some rude people?

Answer I would not fret over it if I were you.

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Is it rude for random people to walk across your lawn?

Yes, it's very rude and if they got hurt while doing this they could sue you. Put up "no trespassing" and "keep off the grass" signs to protect yourself.

Is it just me There are some really rude and cruel people?

Yahoo Answers is probably not the place to get in touch with the most caring, understanding and gentle people. It is a site for the young, for the bored, for the oversexed and the insomniacs. I try... Read More »

Why are some people so rude when women breastfeed in public?

First off, kudos to you for nursing in public, and for sticking up for yourself.In the US, the concept of the breast is so sexualized, and bottle-feeding is such the norm, that some undereducated p... Read More »

Why do some people insist on being so damn rude on here?

I agree with you totally, and I almost stopped logging on for the same reason - Drama and rudeness between mum's over opinions. I honestly think it's great to have an opinion, but what gets me is t... Read More »