Ive worked in a restaurant for 20 years and game across some rude people?

Answer I would not fret over it if I were you.

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Why would someone go to the extreme of telling a lie and then drive the police to the place where she said she worked for 4 years only to find that she had not worked there?

Is it rude to ask at an asian restaurant?

It is rude because it boils down to this question:"Why does it matter?"

At a restaurant, if the service was horrible, are we required to tip even though the server was rude?

Being a former waitress myself, TIPS stands for To Insure Prompt Service. If your waiter is rude, does not check on you frequently and politely, leaves you waiting forever for the check, then NO yo... Read More »

Is it rude to go into a restaurant 5 minutes before closing and expect to get served?

Rude? Hardly. It's a matter of management declaring to the public some vague information. When I read the hours sign I never know if the last seating is just before they close the doors or do I ... Read More »