Ive upgraded my motherboard, CPU & RAM - Will I need to reinstall Windows XP?

Answer there is another option which will preserve all ur settings & programs & at the same install all the drivers properly.1) Boot ur system with Xp CD.2) Go for installtion, at the time of installation... Read More »

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If i uninstall windows, install a motherboard then reinstall windows will it erase everything on my pc?

You don't NEED to uninstall Windows for a new motherboard. I haven't reinstalled in years, even though I've upgraded everything imaginable. You CAN follow this guide: Read More »

Can the Treo 750 be upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1?

The Palm Treo 750 can be upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1. Windows Mobile 6.1 is an operating system designed for smart phones developed by Microsoft, according to the Windows Mobile Team Blog.Refere... Read More »

How can Kodak software be upgraded to use with Windows Vista?

Answer It already has. Just go to the website and download the new Vista compatible versions.

I have a primax colorado USB 19200 scanner but since i upgraded to windows xp i cannot get it to work. help?

I think this will help you with you problem, I've found the Primax web page it's Hope this helps