Ive unplugged my computer but its still talking to me. any suggestions?

Answer Beat it with a hammer, You just can't put up with computers that talk back to you :-)

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How does a computer keep time even when it's off/unplugged?

with a battery...unplugging the comp and turning it off are two diff things , when you turn it off , you only shut off most of the power , but a little bit of energy is keep on , this is called c... Read More »

We are looking for a mp3 plyr that we can also record live talking on. A good 1. Suggestions of which?

Sure wish I was able to help you with this. But I would try calling Radio Shack or Circuit City,or some type of store that deals with electronics.

My computer turned off everytime i unplugged it from the battery..why?

pc's need to be pluged in laptops do not unless the battery has died (the batterys only have so much life in them then they need replaced)

Can you get talking tom cat on your computer?

No you can't, unless you find a emulator or something.