I've trojan.vundo, i tried to get ride of it but i couldn' there anybody can help?

Answer in safe mode F8 run malwarebytes anti-malware and SUPERAntispyware,and what they find youdelete it manually. then run ccleaner to cleand your pc, and mvregclean, to clean registry.what mvregclean f... Read More »

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Is there any way I can unlock my metro pcs phone start-up lock code I have already tried all 4 123 etc... and even tried the last four of my phone number. Please help?

The answer is 00000. Thanks 000000 worked for me. I got a new htc ( i was going to get the blackberry ) cell phone and I could not figure out how to unlock it for MetroPCS or Cricket. I spent about... Read More »

I've tried just about everything out there regarding ear plugs. help?

There are "industrial" earplugs available for purchase. They're sold for use by people who need to protect their ears when working in loud areas, i.e. road crews, blasting areas. They're availabl... Read More »

Has anybody tried Lumiday?

I've been using it for a few weeks. I like it a lot. I go back between using 1 and 2 pills a day. It also has St John's Wort so it helps with my seasonal blues. But you can't take Lumiday with A... Read More »

Has anybody tried website

I haven't tried it, but, I have been looking at the reviews for them and a lot of people say they are a scam, looking at the site, it seems a bit of a mess and very little information given about t... Read More »