I've tried to kill myself 13 times and it hasn't worked! what am i doing wrong!?

Answer Just take the History test. Then worry about about the killing part. If you are not prepared to take your test ask the teacher if you can get an extension so that you can study a bit more. Killi... Read More »

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I have tried so many times to apply false eyelashes is there a big secret Im missing here I have tried...?

I have wore false eyelashes since I was 15 yrs old. There is a trick!! Buy the cheapest pair that you can but buy a regular tube of glue. After you take your lashes out of the package put them on a... Read More »

My Ear is clogged...tried doing a ear wax removal ....What do I do?

Keep using the ear wax softener then try to get your ears syringed once the wax is soft.................

I tried to commit suicide, but i instead shot myself with a bb gun and it hurts. Eye is bleeding, what do i do?

I have tried everything, but nothing has worked to get rid of Trojan-backdoor-progdav. Someone please help.?

Some viruses are difficult to remove, Trojans are one of them.When all attempts fail then you have 2 options left that works most of the time.First option is to run the anti-virus program in safe m... Read More »