I've tried to kill myself 13 times and it hasn't worked! what am i doing wrong!?

Answer Just take the History test. Then worry about about the killing part. If you are not prepared to take your test ask the teacher if you can get an extension so that you can study a bit more. Killi... Read More »

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My Canon 160 printer works with my Mac Book at times and other times it will not. there is nothing wrong with?

EMERGENCY - I saved a Word document several times as I worked on it, and now it is totally missing. Vista is?

You say "I saved it in the same file as the prvious version I was editing." This sounds like you emailed yourself a copy to work on at home.Editing a document right out of an email is a dangerous ... Read More »

What's wrong with my earphones When I bought two new pairs to test only the right earbuds worked for my iPod touch how do I fix it?

Why would someone go to the extreme of telling a lie and then drive the police to the place where she said she worked for 4 years only to find that she had not worked there?