I've tried just about everything out there regarding ear plugs. help?

Answer There are "industrial" earplugs available for purchase. They're sold for use by people who need to protect their ears when working in loud areas, i.e. road crews, blasting areas. They're availabl... Read More »

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NO SOUND ON COMPUTER. I've tried just about everything. HELP?

We just a letter from school that my daugther might flunk Kindergarden. We tried everything we can to help her?

try putting her up for adoption. this may give her the chance she needs to succeed.


Hey. You know what I had the same sort of problem as you and asked a similar question and this is what someone answered. It really Help. Honestly try it and if it don't work then you probaly need t... Read More »

Subwoofer hum - tried everything! Please help!?

This definitely sounds like ground loop hum. Click on the link below to learn about ground loop hum and what you can do to correct it.