I've taken 3000 mg of vicodin can i drink alcohol tonight?

Answer You are probably reading the acetaminiphen mg on the bottle. Which means you probably had 6 pills today. The thing is, Vicodin comes in strengths of 5, 7.5 and 10mg mixed with various amounts of ... Read More »

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Do you feel the pressures on to drink alcohol tonight?

No pressure at all. I'll drink my champagne freely and voluntarily.

Can I drink alcohol tonight (with possible food poisoning)?

I understand that you want to have a really good last night out, but to drink any alcohol at all would lead to a worsening of your symptoms. I know you are feeling better now, but whether it was fo... Read More »

What alcohol should my friend drink tonight (no beer, no rum, no bourbon)?

Vicodin and norco, what else can be taken that works as well but has no acetaminophen in it?

I don't know those ones but would suggest you see a pharmacist to see if a Codeine based one will help.