I've stopped drinking pop and eating candy bars and such. I lift weights twice a day. And only drink water.?

Answer What else is in your diet are you doing reps or max weight

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Can you die from eating pop rocks candy while drinking cola?

no - urban legendNone of the variants of this story were true -- no one was ever injured, let alone killed, by consuming Pop Rocks, with or without a soda.The fact is, a packet of the candy contain... Read More »

If you stopped drinking a cup of coffee in the morning and hardly drink anymore soda?

Stay away from chocolate because chocolate has 5 time more than coffee or caffeine.It is best for you to drink 8 oz of coffee or two times that it.And don't eat anything then go to bed but it would... Read More »

Will drinking excessive amounts of water counteract my binge eating?

well, lt. dangle. i guzzle water when i get a craving for food. but it really doesn't help me feel less hungry. i find a hard boiled egg or a soy protein smoothie (220 cals) usually staves off hu... Read More »

Drinking energy drink then having water?

Do you drink other caffeinated drinks? If you do not then this would be the cause. It is the only thing in an energy drink that could give you a headache. Caffeine is a drug, if you are not use to ... Read More »