I've started wetting the bed again. What do I do?

Answer The doctor will probably prescribe some medicine to help your bladder or I know there is some type of alert thing they use on kids to help them stop. I would not drink water after meal time, like i... Read More »

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Has BONES started taping again?

I've been looking for the same thing. I think it was called Skytrack.

I used to cut myself all the time now i started again?

I seriously think you should tell your parents. If you can't speak to them, go see a doctor, teacher, or a school counselor. There are a lot of people that want to help you. Find help. You shouldn'... Read More »

Can you get contractions started again once they stop?

Answer Not really. They will start again eventually but if they stopped it probably was a false alarm and you may have to wait just a little longer for the real show to start.

Omg i used to like this guy then I didn't and we started to be better friends and now I like him again what do I do?

Start flirting and make sure you look attractive when he's around. spend extra time with him. Good luck chica ;)