I've started having trouble swallowing my saliva?

Answer You are having a sore throat and dehydration. Which led to throat inflammation. Just drink more water and rest your vocals. Speak lesser rest more.

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Can you die from swallowing your own saliva?

Yea, your friend might die. Do everything in your power to help them.

Need advice from dentist regarding way of swallowing saliva?

Talk to your doctor. There are medical therapies that can help you if it's a physical condition causing it. If it's a stress related response there are other things that can help as well, but let y... Read More »

Son having trouble swallowing Pills. Please help me?

Most pills warn against crushing them plus that just spreads the taste. You never threaten a child with I'll get the police; you'll have to go to the hospital. etc. that is a start for messing the... Read More »

Trouble swallowing pills. Are there alternatives?

Hah if that hey NSAIDS or aspirin in those kind of forms I think there would be issues with overdose.The crushin idea is best. I don't see why you just can woosh them back with a big glass of water... Read More »