I've spent my entire summer depressed and inactive?

Answer Try going to a park or someplace where you can relax. You can try yoga, or just take a deep breath and connect with yourself.

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Do women who appear depressed and worthless on talk shows where the topic is abuse feel that it is easier to feel depressed than to show the abuser that she is not afraid of him?

Answer They have been abused for quite a while and start to internalize it. Most abusers are verbal as well as physical abusers. They manage to convince their victims that it's all the victims faul... Read More »

What Is an Inactive Warrant?

An inactive arrest warrant is a warrant that has been issued, but is not being enforced. The warrant is still valid, despite being inactive but is of a lower priority to the issuing agency.Source:N... Read More »

What Happens If You Bake With Inactive Yeast?

Typically when you think of yeast, a picture of high-rising bread or fluffy rolls baking in the oven comes to mind. But not all yeast is useful for leavening. Inactive yeast comes in cream or flake... Read More »

What Are Business Inactive Files?

Inactive files in business refer to information in software systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP). Files can be labeled inactive if the business rarely or never accesses them. Inactive... Read More »