Ive really been craving ice for awhile is that weird?

Answer You are not crazy or retarded. You have a problem and need to see a doctor.Pica is defined as an appetite for substances not fit for food, such as clay or paper products. Pagophagia is specificall... Read More »

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Have not been on Answers in awhile, the weather has been so nice that I've been?

You can use an axe just make sure it is sharp or use a little lub and shorten the grip next to the head. For really fine work use a sharp hatchet.Never use any lub on the handle of a hatchet or an... Read More »

What does xxx mean That has been confusing me for awhile now.?

mostly sexcould be a roman numeralalso a beer

Ive been craving food that ive never craved before does that mean im pregnant?

How to Clean Chrome Alloy Wheels That Have Been Sitting Awhile?

Chrome, short for chromium, is a soft metal used as a plating to create a shiny surfaces. Chrome, which has many uses, is frequently used in the automotive industry to plate bumpers, wheels and ot... Read More »