I've never seen this happen before,but why would 'Directory Assistance' be calling my home ph.# multiple times?

Answer Someone has 'spoofed' their number to call you.. When you spoof a call, you can make it read out any number you want..(Such as a service called Spoofcard.)

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What will happen if you hit your radius bone with a remote, multiple times?

It would probably just bruise but if you hit it hard enough I guess it could break. I wouldn't recommend doing that though.....

What is the number for directory assistance?

Telephone companies use 411 as the most common number for directory assistance, both local and national. Although a free call at one time, there is now a charge for directory assistance. However, ... Read More »

How to Use Directory Assistance (Australia)?

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Can I call 411, 555-1212, and other Directory Assistance or operator-assisted numbers?

Yes, you CAN call Directory Assistance by dialing any area code in the U.S., followed by 555-1212. But Yahoo system won’t accept 411 for Directory Assistance And dialing “0” to make an operat... Read More »