I've lost the remote control for the TV somewhere?

Answer Check under the third roll of blubber on your left hip

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I've lost my remote control?

use a broom shank or a pool cue or a clothes prop

Where is my remote control for the TV I've lost it.?

in the couch first place i would look then the bathroom the kitchen, is it in your pocket? on top of the microwave? kick it under the chair? I cant really tell you where it is exactly but this one... Read More »

I bought a television and lost the remote control.?

Contact Sanyo customer service support here:

I've lost the manuel to my universal remote control and I need to re-program it.?

First take a good look at your remote. Look for the model number, its usually on the inside of the battery cover. After you find the model number go to the phillips website and type in universal re... Read More »