I've lost my memory card and lost my photos, can i still retrieve them?

Answer Sounds like they're gone - sorry. I know it is upsetting, this happened to me too. Keep your chin up.

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Lost my Camera memory card...Can photos be retrived.?

Unless you transferred the images to your computer, they didn't make it to the computer. When you plug in your camera's memory card, it's like a different drive on the PC. The computer doesn't auto... Read More »

Can you retrieve lost photos on an iPhone 4?

The easiest way to do that would be to restore from a previous backup, provided that your last backup had those pictures. If you choose to restore from backup, then the pictures that you have taken... Read More »

I have lost pictures in my computer due to a Virus. How can I retrieve them?

I would download a program called Recuva.It's free, from the same guys who make CCleaner and Defraggler. I had about 40gb of music get deleted somehow and it go... Read More »

How do you retrieve lost space on xd picture card?

Try reformat the card. This will erase all current information on the card so be careful to make copies of what you want to keep first. Go through the different option in the cameras menus there is... Read More »