I've lost my internet icon from my screen on my laptop,?

Answer Find it on your start menu - left click and drag it onto your desktop (screen) - and drop. It will create a shortcut. (hope this helps)

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How to Find a Lost Firefox or Internet Explorer Icon?

Not having your web browser's icon can be very annoying! Here's how to get them back if they mysteriously disappear.

The internet explorer icon has disappeared from my screen,how shd i place it on my desktop?

Just go to "Start" on your left hand side and go to program. Find Internet Explorer there. Then "right" click on Internet Explorer. Go down to "Send to" and click on "Desktop". Now your icon should... Read More »

Micro. 6.0 icon on screen. Icon there, when a document is opened.?

Your question and description are not explicit enough to be able to give you an adequate answer.For example, your reference to "Micro. 6.0", is that: • Trend Micro Mobile Security 6.0 • Su... Read More »

How do I get a lost an icon from the taskbar on your iPhone back?

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