I've lost my epson printer's cd... help!?

Answer Try the EPSON website.…Just download, unzip, and run the right file for your operating system. It's the same as using the CD.

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Which one is better between HP and Epson in printers ?

I have both. My HP printers are mainly for text and some photos depending what the photo is for. I a wide format Epson printer which I use to print some of my pictures and pictures for customers. I... Read More »

What are the good all in one printers, except epson.?

I used to like the Canon, but my last one packed up. I went to Argos and bought a Kodak 5100 Easy share. I have found it far better than the Canon. It is more economical and the inks are far cheape... Read More »

Ink for epson Printers - best place to buy it?

What type of ink do Epson printers use?

Whilst your printer may have pigment based ink in the original cartridges you can use dye based ink without issue. Dye based ink is actually thinner than pigment based ink so if anything is less li... Read More »