I've just taken tramadol for a toothache and its making me extremely tired?

Answer Is it the tramadol making you tired? Gargle salt and water and go see your dentist asap.@Additional details. Ouch thats painful....maybe you should go to a&e if its that sore. But yes I agree withe... Read More »

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If your period is due in just over a week and you are extremely tired can you feel that tired and be pregnant even before you miss a period?

Answer You could be but the chances of having symptoms that soon are slim. Chances are you either excited and convinced your body hoping you are preggers or scared you are and nervous about it. I ... Read More »

Can i get in trouble for taken tramadol today an i have to report two days from now....ive never taken one but?

No you'll be fine - 2 days is plenty of time

I just had 8 teeth taken out and im tired of pudding and mash potatoes, any sggestions?

Lmao! I'm so scared because I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled out Friday! And I don't know what I'm going to eat! YIKES.I do love strawberry/banana smoothiesYoplait yogurtCinnamon ApplesauceBut th... Read More »

Sick while taken tramadol x?

Reduce the dose to 1- 2x daily.Or if you NEED it, 2 at night.Get of that crap ASAP though.Do NOT take it as a long term pain management drug, it's rubbish, and is easy to become physically addicted... Read More »