I've just signed up for Answers. Could this place be addictive?

Answer yes, i'm so addicted. i just signed up, like, less than a week ago, and seriously, a highlight in my week was getting to level 2, to answer your question: like crack.

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I just started playing Yahoo Answers - seems like it could be kind of addictive - anyone else feel that way ?

Welcome Oatie and be careful because it is!

Why do people use yahoo answers when they could just do an internet search instead?

For the same reason they stare at the McDonald's menu for 10 minutes, even though they already know what's on the menu. ;)

Why do people post questions on yahoo answers when they could just google it or look it up on wikipedia?

People are getting tired of 'automated' services (like telephone "menus") which lead round and round, and don't give fast results.Google, if you can phrase your query correctly, does a fine job, bu... Read More »

Don't you think yahoo answers is addictive?

yea it's great specially when I have down time and is bored at work