Ive just had a nap but when i woke up my left eye wont focus properly?

Answer probaly cuz your left eye was against the pillow all night and it had the pressure of your whole head on it. just wait a while and your vision will come back

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How to Be a Party Animal when You Just Woke Up?

You know those days, you were tired, so you took a nap. Then you realized your ex-girlfriends sisters friend is having a party and you are too tired to move?

My plasma tv wont work , when i turn it on it just does some wierd noise and just turns off , what do i do?

you have power supply issues. Call a local service company and let them diagnose it and fix it for you. The only alternatives are you fix it yourself if you are technically inclined and have access... Read More »

I woke up blind in my left eye?

hey sweetheart- you poor thing! get a friend or relative to take you to the emergency department of the nearest hospital or clinic, if noone is there just ask someone on the street to give you a l... Read More »

I want to lose at least 30 lbs. Should I just focus on Cardio when I go to the gym?

Well you want to change up your exercise regime. So don't do the same thing everyday. Work out 5 days a week.(Sunday) Day 1- treadmill 2 miles (try to increase your time as weeks pass), also pick 3... Read More »