I've just downloaded FileHippo and not sure what to do next ...?

Answer download and run.Mrs A.i use ccleaner daily on my vista PCit will remove or should most if not all the 962 problems .to use ccleanerclick on analyse then click on run cleaneralso try ~start~control... Read More »

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Hey, I just downloaded Viber but I can't use it for some reason. Do you have any ideas what may be the problem?

If you are using a mobile device (phone, tablet, etc) and you have an unlimited data plan (or an unlimited data plan existed within the last 2 years), then there is growing chance that your carrier... Read More »

Im about to smoke weed tomorow , just for once but im not sure if i should. just once!?

DOn't make such a big deal out of it!! Weed is fun, it's a pary favor it's not crack cocaine If your trying it for one experience, good luck - weed doesn't even effect people the first time they tr... Read More »

Hi I just smashed my toe (next to the little one) and it seems to be bleeding internally but I just?

If it's not smashed to the point where you should see a doctor, it sounds like you did about all you can do. If the bleeding is under the toe nail, it's going to be really, really sore and probabl... Read More »

I just downloaded google chrone, my problem ::?

Open Google Chrome, go to settings, check "show home button" in appearance settings, click on the option "Change" and you can set your desired home page.Secondly in the settings of chrome there is ... Read More »