I've just cut my arm off. What should I do?

Answer YES!!!!!! Call the hospital or your doctor !!!!!

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What should you do if you want to live in a area that you just moved away from just this summer?

If you're 6 months pregnant and just saw dr for concerns of contractions cramping and pressure and were given pain meds then told to rest what should you do if you THINK you just lost your mucus plug?

Answer Go back to the doctor. The mucus plug indicates that labor is within a week or 2. It is better to be safe, you may have a little one who wants to make an appearance much sooner than planned.... Read More »

I just found my boss' wife on an online porn site, should I pay the $20 or just tell him?

Did you make up that question? If you're serious, don't say anything to him. He'll wonder why you're there, in the first place. And he may already know about it but is embarrassed. It's never a goo... Read More »

EEEEK my first grey chest hair! Should I buy a bottle of Just For Men, or will a Sharpie work just as well?

Sharpie is the better way to go...but 1 or 2....I think that's hawt...shows you know what you're doing, experience wise...just as long as there aren't any south of the equator, if you catch my drif... Read More »