I`ve just burned my hand in the stove what can I do it really hurts!!?

Answer immerse in ice water then get it rapped up and if it looks reallllly bad go to doctor

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I just burned all my fingers of my left hand while I tried to clean the stove. Easiest way to soothe the pain?

if you put some wet salt, will hurt for a short time, but will soon feel better.

HELP!!!! I got burned and it hurts so much!!!!!?

First of all get a pair of underwear that fits so you don't get this problem happening again. Then you will need to clean the burn, and put either some gauze or bandage on it to prevent it from get... Read More »

Quick... my mom burned her fingers on the stove?

Lol "call a nurse or urgent care"... Uh why would you do that if alls he did was burn her fingers (she said NOT SERIOUS). Anyways, just run them under cold water without ice for like 2 minutes and ... Read More »

How to Get Burned Water Marks off a Stove?

Water can often boil over the sides of pots and pans while you cook on the stove top. When the water spills, it instantly evaporates on the hot burners. The water then leaves behind an unsightly st... Read More »