I've hurt my hip How to get better fast?

Answer *lights cigarette* Well Rosie, i'm afraid the body can only heal at it's own pace, the best thing you could do would be VERY gentle exercise (so it doesn't freeze), getting lots of sleep and keepin... Read More »

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Is getting teeth out for braces hurt PLEASE RESPOND FAST!?

yes it hurts really bad, but the end results worth every moment

Is it better to wonder or know and be hurt?

You, my dear, made a human mistake, although I don't know how old you are.You mentioned that after that night he spent the whole day without (what? you?) and "I was not about to let that happen."Yo... Read More »

How can I get better fast!!!?

How to Read Fast and Better?

Learning to read more quickly makes leisure reading, homework or on-the-job reading more efficient. If you don't work on your comprehension, however, reading faster might not improve your performan... Read More »