I've heard from guys at the gym?

Answer No, they are just messing your head.

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Have you guys heard of this…?

It was the first time I have visited that site. I see you like pacman I have included the address below for a Flash Pacman game that you can have (download and add to your website). If you have any... Read More »

Hey you guys, have you ever heard of international students advisors before?

Ever heard that saying, "Yeah, that'll happen, WHEN PIGS FLY" .. well, last I heard, the SWINE FLEW!?

My borfriends mother always thinks she was the first to hear his first sentence. She heard him say "I don't want to go home" at 5 months old and she just heard him say "Is it time to go home daddy"... Read More »

I heard FFI SLEEP DISORDER causes death but i recently heard....?

Its not true.Fatal familial insomnia (FFI) has Four stages of which death occurs only at 4th stage. It will take a minimum of 7 months and maximum of 18 months to run its course.It has been diagnos... Read More »