Ive had water in my ear since yesterday how can i get it out?

Answer How to Remove Water from EarsIt can be annoying and sometimes painful to get water in your ears, and if left there, it can cause infections. Follow the steps given below to get rid of it.Steps 1.... Read More »

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I am so stupid, I dropped my iTouch in a tub of water yesterday. Help?

shut it off right away and remove any access covers it has. set it down in front of a fan and turn it around and over every couple of hours for the next day or so. What you are trying to do is ge... Read More »

My friend's water broke yesterday..I drove her to the hospital..I don't want to sound perverted/weird/careless?

lol that's funny. i agree. put gloves on and get STRONG cleaning products and clean it up really well.

I got braces yesterday and all i ate yesterday was mac n cheese but can i go ahead and eat harder foods wo/pai?

My sister said to wait like a day or 2, So you can get used to them.Just it Soft foods for now until it feels like you dont even notice you have them anymore.

What is the difference between spring water, purified water, distilled water and drinking water?

Distilled water is water that has virtually all of its impurities removed through distillation. Distillation involves boiling the water and re-condensing the steam into a clean container, leaving m... Read More »