Ive had water in my ear since yesterday how can i get it out?

Answer How to Remove Water from EarsIt can be annoying and sometimes painful to get water in your ears, and if left there, it can cause infections. Follow the steps given below to get rid of it.Steps 1.... Read More »

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Since yesterday, facebook has exploded with gay marriage debate?

I'll marry you tattoo mom, gay or straight, catholic or not, rainbow poo and all!

I have a real backpain since yesterday, 2years ago it happens again i want to know what it is help pks?

You could have possibly pulled your back or have a torn muscle or disk out of place. Get it checked by a Chiropractor or Doctor. Do an X ray whoever you go to.

37 weeks pregnant today what I think is contractions since yesterday increasing in intensity slight wet feeling is this labour?

We can only guess here so you need to call the hospital and hear what the people there say since they are the ones delivering you.

Ever since I practiced guitar yesterday my shoulder and the part of my arms between my shoulder and elbow have?

Hello There: Guitar ok i played back in the 1960's i had a spanish flat top. You hurt because you were most likely tense. While playing it happens sometimes i know. Get a hot bath and put some Ep... Read More »