I've had trouble with my ears for some time?

Answer Do you over do it when you clean them? Ears need some wax.Do you get Vertigo?

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I recently got my ears pierced 2nd time?

ok heres what u do if it happens again..dont take the earrings out to clean until 6 weeks have past, as this is how long it takes for lobes to heal on most people..many peole are allergic to the an... Read More »

Ear pierced for the FIRST time... Is it safe to put ice on my ears?

it's fine if you put ice on it to make the swelling go down, it won't infect it as far as i know. i had my ears pierced about 5 times, and they get swollen easily but there's a special earring to w... Read More »

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need a password first then you go to add remove programs find the program you want to delete